Nail Art Ideas for Spring 2024

Nail Art Ideas for Spring Coterie17 Salon

Spring is here, and so are we! While you put your cozy winter mittens to rest, it’s time to give your nails a quick spring refresh to get them new and ready for the season. This year, spring nail art trends are all about embracing your unique style and vibe. 

From classic French nails and bright reds to groovy designs and chrome nails, pick from an extensive range of bold colors, fresh takes on timeless styles, and a touch of unexpected flair. 

Now, we know florals are a classic favorite this time of the year, and you can certainly rock those if that’s your vibe! But this guide focuses on some of the more unique and eye-catching spring nail art ideas popping up this season. 

Keep reading to find out more! 

10 Nail Art Ideas for Spring 2024 

Whether you’re looking for some trendy inspiration or just curious about the nail trends this season, this is the ultimate list to look out for!  

1. Classic Red Nails 

Nothing says classic elegance like red nails. No matter the length of your nails, red looks bold and fierce with every outfit and skin tone, instantly elevating your look. Try a glossy shade for a timeless look or a matte finish for a modern edge. 

2. Nude Chrome 

Want to add some glossy flair to your look? Nude chrome nails are the way to go! This sleek and minimalist style combines the subtle elegance of nude polish with the dazzling shine of metallic chrome accents, perfect for an edgy style. 

3. French Tip with a Pop of Color 

French tips are a classic, but who says they have to be boring? This season, it’s all about adding a splash of color to the tips. Vibrant neons or soft pastels—this creative spin adds a fun and contemporary touch to your nails! 

4. Balletcore  

Think soft pinks, delicate whites, sheer polishes, and maybe a touch of sparkle—that’s the balletcore vibe. This feminine and fairytale-inspired design captures the essence of both spring and summer, making it the perfect choice for all the hopeless romantics out there!   

5. Coquette Pearls 

The coquette-core aesthetic was made for spring! Featuring delicate pearls on a soft pink or milky base, you’re free to experiment with pastel pinks and whites with details like bows, hearts, plaids, and pearls. It’s a cute way to refresh your spring look. 

6. 3D Watercolor 

Are you an artsy person? If yes, this one’s for you! This one combines pastel shades (or bright neon ones if you want!) with intricate brushstroke details, creating an interesting watercolor effect that’s truly one-of-a-kind. It will add a vintage, funky vibe to your overall style, guaranteeing a unique spring look.  

7. Groovy Pastels 

While spring can be all about bright colors, classic pastels never go out of style! This retro-inspired design features a colorful blend of soft pastel colors in funky brushstrokes, tie-dye and swirly patterns, and geometric shapes. It’s the perfect way to add some character to your nails! 

8. Clean White 

Sometimes, simple is best. Clean, white nails are a breath of fresh air and a great way to show off perfectly manicured tips. It’s a crisp and sophisticated look, perfect for a clean-girl aesthetic. The best part? It goes well with all outfits and styles! 

9. Mismatched Hearts 

Some hearts on your nails can be a cute look this spring! But for a more quirky and playful take on the classic hearts, use heart-shaped stickers and paint them over with black and white nail polish on alternative nails. Once dry, you can just peel them off for cool and chic nail art! 

10. Crayon Box Nails 

Crayon box nails are a vibrant spring look for your nails. To keep it fresh and modern, use primary colors on your nails with a twist of brown or gold on one nail. This unexpected addition of brown/gold (gold for some shimmer) keeps this maximalist look grounded yet stylish. 

Why Should You Get Your Nails Done at a Salon? 

A customer picking colors from a nail color palette in the salon.  

Now that you’ve got the inspiration for trendy nail art ideas, a question arises: should you tackle this with a DIY at home or head to the salon? 

While DIY nail art can be fun and rewarding, there’s something truly special about treating yourself to a professional beauty salon experience. Here’s why you should consider letting the pros handle your nail makeover: 

  • Salon-quality results: Let’s face it, achieving those intricate designs or flawless lines you saw online can be tricky at home. Trained nail technicians have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life, ensuring a clean, long-lasting manicure. 
  • Convenient time-saving: While getting your nails done is equally important for a fresh spring look, life can get in the way sometimes! Booking an appointment at the salon saves you much-needed time and energy without compromising on quality.  
  • Inspiration and trends: Salon professionals usually stay up-to-date on the latest nail art trends and techniques. By visiting a salon, you will automatically have access to plenty of salon-approved inspiration and ideas that will help you stay ahead of the curve! 
  • Nail health boost: A good salon experience goes beyond aesthetics. With a wide range of services, trained professionals can assess your nail health and recommend treatments to keep them strong and healthy. 
  • A relaxing self-care day: Finally, visiting a salon is an opportunity to indulge in some much-needed self-care and relaxation. So leave it to the experts and reward yourself with a relaxing day. 

Whether you’re drawn to bold colors or quirky geometrical patterns, don’t think twice and hit up the nearest beauty salon in Trenton, NJ, to get your nails done! Trust us, it will be a rewarding experience. 

And to make your work easier, we’ve already got you covered! At Coterie 17 Salon and Spa, we’re here to bring all your nail art dreams to life! From premium mani-pedis to relaxing massages and foot care, we will leave you feeling pampered and polished in no time! 

So, go ahead and book an appointment with us to transform your nails this spring!