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It’s a Wrap!

Prom Season May be Over…

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature our own Coterie Team members ready to steal the spotlight on Prom night!  We love working on our own team and think they all look pretty lit! Tell us what you think…


Favorite Prom Moment:  Getting to have pictures taken with all of my friends
Favorite Style Moment: My hair! I loved having long, big hair
Benefits of getting Prom Ready at work:  I loved it because I felt super comfortable and had so much fun while doing it. I loved being able to see everyone since it was a special day.


Favorite Prom Moment:  Dancing the night away with my best friends for the last time.
Favorite Style Moment: By far it was my hair piece! It was so pretty and it matched my dress perfectly.
Benefits of getting Prom Ready at work:  Tatiana made me look and feel gorgeous; and I felt so appreciated to have everyone I work with see me off to my Senior Prom.


Favorite Prom Moment: Picture time! The initial gathering of the friends unveiling their gowns, tuxes, and Prom style
Favorite Style Moment: I loved my hair! The old Hollywood Glamour vibe was so different from what most of the girls were doing; I think it really made my personal style stand out.
Benefits of getting Prom Ready at work:  Knowing that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I had so many opportunities to talk to Lili and Tatiana about my hair and make up before Prom day that we were all very clear about the look. It made Prom day so much more relaxing, feeling confident about who was doing my hair and make up, and having my team be excited to see my transformation.


Favorite Prom Moment: Finally seeing everything coming together in one complete look – from the hair and make up, to the dress and flowers. It was exciting to have the vision come to life.
Favorite Style Moment: Having my dress altered so that it was tailored to really fit my body. It’s not often that you get to wear something that fits you so perfectly.
Benefits of getting Prom ready at work:  It was cool to be able to feel like a guest and to relate to my team members in a different way. And to have time to really chat during my services. I tell people it’s a great place to have services but it’s fun to be able to experience it, too.


Julian and date Ashley


Favorite Prom Moment: Being in a limo with all of my friends was a good time
Favorite Style Moment: Of the 2, I really liked the red paisley tux and rocking a bowtie
Benefits of getting Prom ready at work: The fact that I could…

On Newsstands Now! Coterie and New Jersey Bride

Look how shiny!


Our latest photoshoot dropped us right into the pages of New Jersey Bride Magazine. We’re honored to be part of their ‘Ask the Expert’ page because at Coterie, we know what it takes to look as beautiful as you feel on your Wedding day! It’s that extra bit of attention to detail that makes the difference between beautiful and unforgettably polished.

Want a peek?  We’re happy to share…or grab it at your favorite newsstand to take home a copy of your own!  In the meantime, stop by… hang out in the cafe, and get to know us… we’re friendly that way…

***Angela Pantaleone head shot by Babak CA;  Coterie interior photography by Marissa Veronica Photography