Who we are

hello gorgeous!

We are the experience you want but just can’t seem to find.

At Coterie, we believe in turning up the natural beauty already inside you and celebrating what makes you YOU. No rules. No gimmicks. No barbie dolls. Just real talk and raw, balanced beauty – inside and out. So go ahead and let your hair down!

This is the place where you can breathe deep, sip some cold-pressed, and do something REALLY good for yourself. You don’t have to fit an age bracket, hair type, or personality to carry off a statement. You just do you. And we’ll do the rest to help you realize all your beauty aspirations.

We’re redefining the beauty scene. Our goal is to be an experience, your safe haven – where you leave feeling a little more in love with life – and yourself – than when you came in. So come on in. Your beautiful self will thank you.

Founder, Coterie 17

In my years as a mama, wife, mentor, artist, and raw nutrition advocate, I’ve learned that we all want convenience AND fun when it comes to our beauty routine – so why not create a place where people can get it all in a spot where everyone fits in? We want to be accessible to beauties of all types and walks of life and we never compromise on quality. Everything from our rule-breaking lineup of services to the Coterie-exclusive atmosphere is customized around YOU – and you being you is exactly what we want. My hope is that you love us so much, you never want to leave. Welcome to Coterie!

Love, Angela