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The best thing about Coterie 17? Our people.
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At Coterie 17, we believe in unity over division.

Girls Sitting In Coterie 17 Hair Studio


We have each other’s backs through it all and when tough stuff comes up we talk it out. We grow because we have each other and our leaders to coach us through trials- and when all else fails we know we can grab a drink after work and decompress together. We work together to keep things running smoothly and our love of our craft.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply now.

Coterie 17 Team Party
“The people and the environment feel like a second home.”

Who we are

  • An intimate group of persons with a unifying common interest for beauty – looking for self-motivated team players with a go-getter attitude
  • We are a team of creatives who value honesty, hard work, and determination. We proudly call ourselves “family.”
  • Our first love in the salon is serving our clients. Our second love is chocolate and champagne. We serve a prestigious clientele who we make our first priority while they are with us.


What it means to be part of our team?

A scan of our brand will tell you Coterie 17 is a brand known for its talented and dedicated team – this is possible only because we all value growth and seek to improve daily. Working side by side or having lunch in our break room you’ll hear laughter and conversations among friends. We like each other- and look forward to expanding our team family.


We’re the perfect match if you..

  • Are excellent with words, both verbal and written
  • Enjoy a job where you are constantly on the move – we are typically standing
  • Like working and are available for retail hours
  • Love to excel in your career and get excited to attend education opportunities
  • Feel comfortable striving toward sales goals
  • Learn quick- every day brings new experiences, and our expectation is that they are always handled to a high standard
Guy Taking Hair Wash At Coterie 17 Hair Studio