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Coterie + Air Purification Systems

We got this!

There is always some risk in all human touch environments.

With that said, all licensed professionals in the Salon Spa industry have been trained to mitigate these risks significantly through the use of proper infection control standards required by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology regulatory licensing, rules and regulations.

Our Cosmetology License insures that we have been trained to avoid cross-contamination with communicable diseases, and our technicians have completed additional disinfecting and sanitation Certification for Covid 19.

Salon licensing for the State of New Jersey demands a wide variety of safety requirements for the physical space, as well as the licensed professionals staffing that space. In all of these instances, customers are safer obtaining services in a licensed facility than in one that is not licensed or a private residence.

We have UPGRADED our state-of-the art ventilation system with a medical grade air purification system on all of our HVAC units to cover our entire space. This creates an Advanced Oxidation Plasma that purifies our air, disinfecting everything in it, within 3 feet:

  • Hospital Approval for infectious diseases at 99%
  • Kills 99.9 % of Viruses, Bacteria, & Germs by the time it takes a sneeze to travel 3 ft. in the air and on hard surfaces
  • Reduces Odors, Pollen & Mold


We begin the Reopening Process by asking you to get on our list!

With the uncertainty inherent in knowing when we will formally be allowed to open, or at what capacity, we will continue to keep our online booking system closed for the immediate future so that we may control flow and capacity during this time.

  • Anyone wishing to make an appointment should call to leave a message or email [email protected] to be put on a master list of names. We will be funneling all information to our technicians to help direct and plan.
  • Requests will be taken on a “1st come – 1st serve” basis. The speed in which we are able to go down the list will depend on the capacity at which we are allowed to reopen.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are currently working with limited staff. It is important that your messages be clear, concise, and complete. We will call you if we have any questions regarding your request. Please include your full name, best way to contact you, services requested, and regular technician.
  • For contactless check-in, payments and confirmations, we will be asking everyone to use the features of our mobile APP. If you need help accessing the APP please leave your correct email address in your voice message or email. We will send you a magic password and/or have someone from the Concierge Team reach out to you if necessary.
  • Initially, we may require prepayment of reservations due to limited occupancy and capacities.
  • Flexibility is key! Not all technicians will be back immediately for their regular schedule.
  • We will be asking that you please arrive alone for your reservation.
  • Check in through the APP when you arrive.
  • Please wait for us to text you when it is time to enter for your appointment.

WATCH for More Information coming soon…