Protégé Stylist

Coterie 17 Life The best thing about Coterie 17? Our people.

At Coterie 17 we believe in unity over division. We work hard and we work together- this is how we achieve our success. You can feel confident here that someone always has your back and will be ready to lift you up when you need help. We are talented, respectful, and fun. We care for our guests and each other with a high level of excellence- we believe in serving people well in every situation. We are a team of creatives who value honesty, hard work, and determination. We proudly call ourselves “family”.

Our first love in the salon is serving our clients. Our second love is chocolate and champagne. We serve a prestigious clientele who we make our first priority while they are with us. This means seeing our clients’ needs before they even know the need exists, solving problems quickly, and making the work of serving others look effortless.

This role is an essential element of our team. As a protege, you ensure our guests have a memorable experience during their visit. You personally contribute to how well served the guests and other team members feel. You represent Coterie and show how much we care through your thoughts, words, and actions. In this role, you work directly with our salon manager, protégé stylists, and concierge to ensure each of our guests is having a great experience at the salon. You are always thinking one step ahead of our clients and your team members. You’re serving them in a way that wow’s them and leaves them feeling well cared for.

This role may be a fit for you if

  • You love this craft and feel intrinsically rewarded when you serve a guest or team member well
  • You feel excited to collaborate with people who also love this craft
  • You love the feeling of making someone’s day better
  • You have a current NJ state license
  • You like working and are available for retail hours (weekends, some holidays, and special events)
  • You love the vibe of a boutique salon where teamwork is everything- we work together, train together, serve together, and have fun together.
  • Enjoy a job where you are constantly on the move- we are typically standing
  • You know how to manage your time and feel comfortable with constant change.
  • You love to grow and are excited to attend company education
  • Learn quick- every day brings new experiences, and our expectation is that they are always handled to a high standard


  • Smile! Your role impacts everyone around you and your positive attituded is contagious.
  • Show-up in dress code and looking your best! You should love wearing current fashion and looking great.
  • Know and showcase your understanding of the Coterie 17 vison, mission, and values through your actions in the salon
  • Work in collaboration with Coterie 17 stylist’s concierge to ensure that all guests receive an exception service
  • Understand and Excel at performing established Coterie 17 standards including all guest care protocols, prebooking, and retail assistance.
  • Stay aware of when the team needs your support without them even needing to ask- monitor if they are running behind, if their guest needs something, or if you can just make their day.
  • Share and promote additional service and retail options, including gift certificates or promotions with each guest.
  • Keep a flow that is efficient. This role juggles many things so you should always be acting one step ahead to support the stylists and to ensure our guests are delighted.
  • Ensure the salon is “guest ready” at all times. This includes keeping your eyes open and focused on product presentation, replenishment of products, and general housekeeping (cleaning and laundry as required)
  • Attend meetings as required, which may involve travel.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and directed.
  • Provide beverages, refreshments, and chairside service to our guests
  • Execute all salon setup, opening and closing routines as defined
  • Maintain a high standard of cleanliness- including salon cleanliness checks as scheduled and sanitation per the NJ state requirements
  • Attend meetings as required, which may involve travel.
  • Maintain full and accurate guest service records
  • Execute all duties as assigned by your leadership. And perform other duties as assigned and directed including re-stocking home care and color inventory as needed.

What it means to be part of our team?

A scan of our brand will tell you Coterie 17 is a brand known for its talented and dedicated team – this is possible only because we all value growth and seek to improve daily. Working side by side or having lunch in our break room you’ll hear laughter and conversations among friends. We like each other- and look forward to expanding our team family.

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Protégé Stylist

This role is an essential element of our team. The Protégé ensures a seamless guest experience.

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